A Uniquely Qualified Clinical Hygiene Trainer & Coach

Lisa is not your typical professional consultant.  She not only possesses more than 30 years of experience as a dental hygienist and clinical trainer, Lisa is also a certified professional development coach / personal coach, which some people refer to as a life coach.

She also had the distinction of working in a physician's office to ensure that oral health was a vital component of integrated and optimal patient care. 

Therefore, Lisa is uniquely qualified to provide your dental team team with sound guidance on how to obtain superior clinical and communications skills while achieving personal fulfillment.

What's more, Lisa was recently named one of Dentistry Today's Leaders in CE for the tenth year in a row!
Accept: Come to terms with where you are now. Whether it is your physical condition, mental attitude, or life status, just stop and take notice of what is taking place. Accepting does not mean enjoying. It means recognizing your happiness or the need to take corrective action.

Aspire: This is our call to action. Situations, people or tasks in life that need to be enhanced or changed first must be identified. With that knowledge, the course to aspire and to achieve can finally take shape.

Achieve: Recognize that you possess the ability and knowledge to change your life, regain your spirit and stop the chaos! Lisa did just that and looks forward to sharing her story. We all hold the keys to our own success and happiness.
Here's Lisa's A-List of Personal & Professional Growth
About Lisa Wadsworth, RDH, BS