Lisa Wadsworth is a leading clinical hygiene lecturer and educator
Are You Armed for the Fight?

Protocols or Pitfalls: What Guides 
Your Periodontal Therapy?

Do you find yourself second-guessing your treatment plan or patients living with medical conditions, or stymied by the way oral-systemic links challenge your established habits? 

Do you understand the use of salivary DNA testing and antibiotic therapy? Are you able to recommend these adjuncts with confidence and state your case successfully? 

Gain knowledge of new technologies that will help you escape indecision and solidify your confidence in treatment planning and determining, “What is health?” Come and learn the following:

  • Why Case Presentation Begins With You - The 
       Co-Discovery Dynamic
  • How to Enhance Your Role as a Co-Therapist
  • Why Restorative Care Discussions Between You and the Dentist are Vital to Successful Treatment Plan Presentations
  • Why Adding to Restorative-Implant Production is Your Responsibility!

Learning Objectives:
  • Know When to Recommend Scaling and Root Planing
  • What Medical History Information Influences Treatment? 
  • When and How to Recommend Antimicrobial Therapy
  • Salivary DNA Testing; What is it? How Does it Help?

We will construct answers and responses to some of your most frustrating communication challenges.  Be ready to laugh instead of cry over your patients’ objections.

Be ready to practice active listening techniques, construct benefit statements and evaluate your test close questions.

Recommended for the Entire Dental Team: 3 CE Credits 

Perceive, Plan, Pursue: For Your Patients 
and You!

Secrets and Necessities for a Cohesive 
Perio-Implant Team

This course will help the entire team escape indecision and solidify confidence in recognizing the importance of treatment planning, execution of therapy and the understanding of working as a cohesive unit.

The dental assistant and the dental hygienist must be positioned as "co-therapists" for comprehensive patient care.

The front desk is NOT an inanimate object. They do support the entire production schedule. Come and learn what they know.

The administrative team must know "what's going on down the hall?" Clinicians must mentor them. Are we helping the team?

Participants will take away powerful communication skills which will raise clinical success, case acceptance and total team tolerance!

Here's what you'll learn: 

  • The Co-Discovery Dynamic
  • Case Presentation Begins With ALL of Us
  • Things the Doctor Wishes we Knew
  • Is Everyone Talking About Implants?
  • Implant Maintenance Review

Skills you will develop:

  • An Action Plan for Successful Implant Case Presentations
  • Communication to Reach the Boss
  • Effective Team Collaboration

Recommended for the Entire Dental Team: 3 CE Credits

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