The personal dynamics of a typical dental office can be complex, but when it becomes dysfunctional, it's in the best interest of the practice and patient to resolve underlying issues with a group session conducted by Lisa Wadsworth.

Do any of these problems exist in your practice?

  • The Same People Always Step Up
  • Jealousy and Gossip
  • Lack of communication, cooperation and comraderie
  • Vague Job responsibilities¬†
  • Fuzzy Chain of Command
  • Favoritism and/or Nepotism

If you answered yes to two or more issues, you may need Lisa's help. But before you call, make sure you are prepared to do the following:
Dental Implant Team coaching by Lisa Wadsworth.
  • Be committed to making a change, even if it means making some tough decisions
  • Encourage candid group dialog without recrimination
  • Schedule the session outside of work hours
  • Make participation mandatory

If you can meet those criteria, contact Lisa to schedule a free 15-minute conference call.

Lisa Wadsworth helps build winning dental implant teams.
Group Coaching for Dental Team Members