Recruiting, screening, and hiring a superstar dental team is a complicated and time consuming process.

Lisa Wadsworth can save practice owners time by properly pre-screening candidates, because she has experience with each job function within the dental implant team.  Here's an outline of the program:

  • Phone Consult with Practice Owner
  • Creation of Job Description
  • Create and Place Classified Ads*
  • Post Job on Dental/Hygiene Web Sites*
  • Collect and Review Resumes
  • One 30-Minute Phone Interview Per Candidate

Practice owners will be required to conduct employer and criminal background checks, and discuss terms of employment, salary, benefits, etc. The final offer letter will come from the practice.

* Additional costs may apply

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Lisa Wadsworth can help take the guesswork out of dental team hiring.
Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring!
Who Are Your Candidates?
Perio-Implant Team Building Starts with Smart Hiring